Mystical Experience and Providence

Q: I am writing to you because of the events that have happened to me over the last 5 years. From time to time during this period I have entered into higher states of consciousness, during which I have had strong feelings that what was occurring to me had something to do with the Mashiach (Messiah). I hope you can help shed some insight into what my experience may mean.

A: The most important foundation of Judaism is to walk simply with G-d, and not to think about future events or even past or present events. One must believe that all is naturally the hand of Divine Providence. Whenever a Jewish soul awakens to come close to G-d, he is experiencing his own particular spark of MashiachMashiach brings all the souls of Israel, and also of all the nations to recognize and to love the One G-d of Israel. Whenever one's spark is aroused to desire and love G-d, especially for the first time in his life, this is a revelation of his own personal spark of Mashiach. This is the case for every Jew, and especially for those who consciously return to G-d. The experience of being drawn and aroused to G-d should never be forgotten.

A person's many experiences, Providence, must be taken naturally. One must continue to walk simply in the way of life, of Torah and the commandments. It is important not to ponder too deeply over the different signs of Divine Providence.

When Mashiach will come all of the experience that we will have will be miraculous. We will experience every event clearly as a miracle. However, since the miracle will be continuous, it will not be considered a great innovation. On the one hand we will still retain a deep experience of the miracle and the wonder of the presence of G-d. On the other hand it will be the nature of the world. It will not prevent us from continually progressing in the way of G-d.

Since we are clearly approaching the time of Mashiach, the Lubavitcher Rebbe said that we must already begin to live in the consciousness of the age of Mashiach. This is to live in a consciousness that each event that happens to one is certainly miraculous, but it should not hinder one in his way of life. It should rather give more impetus and momentum to continue in that way of life. Thinking about a particular matter too much can cause friction in one's way of life. When one lives Divine Providence naturally, his different experiences do not cause friction in his Divine service.

May you merit to always walk simply and naturally in the way of G-d.

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