Does History Repeat Itself in Israeli Current Events?

Q:  When Israel refused to go into the land at Kadesh they were punished with forty years in the desert. Based upon the principle that "what has happened will happen again," are the present problems in Israel due to the return of Mt. Moriah to Arab control after the flag of David flew over the dome for several days at the close of the Six Day War?

A: History, both good and bad, certainly repeats itself. A good deal of the difficulties we are now experiencing relate to the fact that after the Six Day War we did not take full possession of all the land that G-d miraculously gave us. All of this was a gift of Heaven. The greatest gift of all was the Temple Mount, Har Hamoriah, and the opportunity to begin to rebuild the holy Temple at this site. However, we were ungrateful, and did not recognize G-d's benevolence, and His will that we should use these gifts properly. Clearly all the problems that we now experience are related to this issue.

May the Nation of Israel soon merit these gifts in their full splendor.

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