7 Noachide Law Enforcement

Q: I am writing my law school thesis on a certain aspect of the 7 Mitzvahs of B'nei Noach. Particularly, I'm interested in the obligations of Jews towards non-Jews with respect to teaching them the 7 Mitzvahs both now and after Mashiach is revealed, and with respect to enforcing the 7 Mitzvos. Furthermore, I am also interested in what the obligation of non-Jews is to teach other non-Jews and to rebuke other non-Jews for failure to keep the 7 Mitzvos.

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A: Shalom uvracha,

See our web-site on the Seven Principles of Faith for Bnai Noach. The seventh of the seven Noachide commands is that the non-Jewish world is commanded to enforce their commandments. They must set up a judicial system to this end. Obviously it is the responsibility of the Jewish leaders and teachers to teach the non-Jews how to live in the proper, Torah directed way of life, and establish the necessary communal institutions to this end.

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