Meditation on the Hebrew Letters

Q: In your discussion on your web-site concerning the Hebrew letters (form, sound, number) and Worlds, Souls, and Divinity I was taken with the profundity of this concept. In your prayers and meditations on Torah, do you try to go through each of these nine combinations for each letter or word? Do you recommend this as a regular practice to someone who wants to delve deeply into the Torah? Would you say that the Number/Divinity meditation is as far as humans can delve, or are there even more sublime and ineffable "steps" we can take?

Thanks so much for your time and your transmission of truth to this generation. I look forward to your reply.

A: Whenever one studies a Torah topic in depth, reviews it and meditates on it at length, it becomes part of his inner consciousness. It would be advisable to study the entire book on the Hebrew Letters, and not just the synopsis that appears on the web-site.

If this book is studied in depth many times, all the nine levels of each letter become engraved in one's consciousness. The particular point which is most relevant to a specific prayer or word that is the object of one's meditation will, with Divine aid, shine into one's mind at the proper moment during the meditation. Sometimes, in the course of prayer, one does go through all the levels of the letters that form a word and tries to understand how the letters combine to form that specific word. Clearly, one is unable to meditate in depth, or consciously, on nine levels of every letter of all the words of all the prayers, daily. In studying Torah, one must integrate all the understanding into the depths of one's heart and mind so that it becomes part of one's way of thinking.

Wishing you much success in your quest for Torah truth and Divine consciousness.

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