Can a Homosexual Worship G-d?

Q: I would like to know if a homosexual can also worship G-d. Please reply, as this question weighs heavy.

Thank you,

A: Shalom uvracha.

Every individual can worship G-d. Even if one does not live 100% in the way of G-d and the Torah, he can nonetheless believe in G-d. As his belief in G-d develops, his conviction to observe the Divine commandments will develop and become strengthened. There is nothing that disallows a person to worship the One and Only G-d of Israel.

It must be very clear, however, that the condition that you describe in your letter is definitely forbidden in the Torah. If it is forbidden, this means that this is not a natural condition, as many people believe. A person can be created with a certain tendency, but he is given the power in his soul to overcome his negative inclinations. The above condition is a most negative inclination. By commanding one to overcome this inclination the Torah gives the person that believes in G-d and the Torah the spiritual power to overcome this tendency. He can thereby obtain positive tendency, marry properly as the Torah desires and give birth to good and healthy children.

Wishing you much success in your endeavors to develop your true connection to the Divine.

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