Rectifying the State of Israel in 10 Steps

Rectifying the State of Israel in 10 steps:

Step 1: Faith in the Torah (the Bible as interpreted by the Sages) as the Word of God.

Step 2: Commitment to live our private and communal lives in accordance with the precepts of the Torah.

Step 3: Proclaim the Torah as the foundation of international law.

Step 4: Annex all presently occupied territories that are within the borders of the land promised in the Torah to the Jewish People.

Step 5: Eradicate terrorism.

Step 6: Adopt the civil law of the Torah.

Step 7: Encourage mass Jewish immigration to Israel.

Step 8: Encourage emigration of elements within the borders of Israel that endanger the security of its citizens.

Step 9: Create an integrated educational system of Torah and science.

Step 10: Reach the goal we committed ourselves to in step 2 – living our private and communal lives fully in accordance with the Torah.

The steps follow the logic of right (love), left (might), and middle (justice) 3 times over, finally achieving our goal in the middle.

In Hebrew, faith and right are cognate. Abraham, the pillar of love, was the first believer. He traveled south, right in Torah orientation.

Annexing the Promised Land is right because it acknowledges God's love in giving us the land. God gives with love, we accept with love.

Immigration of our people to our land is love, right, and its pair, emigration of antagonistic foreign elements, is might, left.

Commitment to implement what we believe in means that we are ready to fight for the tenets of our faith – might, left.

Torah based international law, a Torah legal system in Israel, and an integrated Torah-science educational system are all middle, justice.

The 1st triplet of right-left-middle is intellectual (one believes, commits, and decides in the mind), the 2nd emotional, the 3rd practical.

The archetypal figure gifted with the ability to integrate worlds, of Torah and of science, is Joseph, foundation, the 3rd middle.

The 1st of the 1st triplet is faith, the 2nd of the 2nd is uprooting evil, and the 3rd of the 3rd is integrating Torah and science.

Faith is the ultimate right, uprooting evil is the ultimate left, and integrating Torah and science, to be one, is the ultimate middle.

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Uri March 9, 2011 at 7:01 pm

How does step 7 go along with the credo, "make this place Eretz Yisrael" or the advice of the Lubavitcher Rebbe? I am currently struggling with this issue.
also, why integrate Torah with science in particular? Why not the arts, for example? I realize this may require a longer answer for another time.
thanks again

admin March 10, 2011 at 11:06 am

If you have a shlichus outside Eretz Yisrael you should make that place Eretz Yisrael – a place of holiness – but lechatchila and also ultimately every Jew should be in Eretz Yisrael kifshuto, that is the Messianic goal.

The unification of Torah and science refers to both the arts and the sciences. In gematria, "art" (אמנות) plus "science" (מדע) equals "Torah" (תורה): for the Torah to be whole it needs both.


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