Rebuilding our Inner and Outer Worlds

The Temple Mount's Western Wall is called the Wailing Wall because people come to pray there and cry. In the future every tear will rejoice.

In time of exile all gates to Heaven are locked except for the Gates of Tears. Our mother Rachel cries for her children in exile.

Rachel = 2 times "tear." She sheds two tears, one for the destruction of the first Temple and one for the destruction of the second Temple.

In the soul, the first Temple corresponds to understanding and the second Temple to kingdom, one's inner world and one's outer world.

Both of one's worlds, inner and outer, were destroyed because of our iniquities. Rachel cries over both. Both will be rebuilt.

Rebuilding our inner world depends upon our acquiring a new dimension of understanding of who we are and where we're going.

Rebuilding our outer world depends on our joining hands together to re-form society in accordance with the vision of the Torah.

In Hebrew, "society" is "friendship." "All Israel are friends, as one man." "One man" = 18, chai, squared. Friendship bestows life.

Joseph was the archetypal dreamer. After many years, his dreams came true. Nowadays it doesn't take so long for dreams to come true.

In general, for your dream to come true people have to buy into your dream. In our day and age the internet makes this easier.

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