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Rabbi Ginsburgh’s Reply to a Chassidic Doctor in New York

Dear Dr…., the dedicated medical staff and friends,

Now that Pesach has passed, it is the custom of Israel to wish each other a “healthy summer.” These words are difficult to integrate right now, when the Jewish People and the entire world are suffering from the terrible plague, may it pass soon.

Nonetheless, we must reach the deepest point of our hearts – even if we are shedding tears – and bless each other, our communities and the entire world – with sincerity, hope and confidence in God’s infinite goodness – that this may be a healthy summer!

The secret of the Eternal Nation, the Nation of Israel, is that we are always together. This togetherness reflects the unity of God and defines the essence of our existence. The holy Torah (Deuteronomy 33:5) says, “Together the tribes of Israel.” In the holy language, the word shevet (tribe) can also mean a “rod of rebuke.” It is specifically in times of suffering and sorrow that we must be especially united, with in-depth contemplation on our togetherness-consciousness.

It is difficult to say this, but the truth is that sharing the pain does ease one’s suffering. The real truth is that we, the Jewish Nation, are always together. In the Torah, the passing of a Jew from this world is called a return to that ‘togetherness’ as with Jacob who just prior to his passing said, “Behold, I am going to be gathered unto my nation.’ As long as we are together, we live (in actuality, as is written that “Jacob did not die,” which is “the truth to Jacob”).

May we merit in the very near future to witness the fulfillment of our aspirations, “He will swallow up death forever” and we will all be together to witness the resurrection of the dead – with the King Mashiach leading us (and as per the opinion of the Rebbe that the general resurrection of the dead is possible immediately when Mashiach arrives).


Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash

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