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Rabbi Ginsburgh: How to Destroy the Hamas

The following is the translation of Rabbi Ginsburgh’s words in the video above, from the 19 Kislev 5784 farbrengen:

It is written that in every generation the evil inclination changes its name so that it will not be recognized. The same is true of Amalek. We said that we have to bring the Non-Jews close to God. Except for Amalek, who must be destroyed. He is the sworn enemy of the Jewish People. He also changes his name. On a simple level, the nation called Amalek no longer exists. But Jewish law says that whoever in his essence hates the Jewish People and seeks to destroy the Jewish Nation – according to the revealed dimension of the Torah he is deemed Amalek according to Jewish law. This is what the Brisker Rav determined.

He changes his name. In the previous generation, he was not called Amalek. He was called Nazi. Today, we have many enemies. But the accepted name of Amalek today is Hamas. In gematria, Hamas equals “And I will trust in You” (Words from Psalms 55:24, part of the melody of the Alter Rebbe for the 19th of Kislev). Now we will sing this song even more enthusiastically than before. “Va’ani evtach bach” (And I will trust in You). And every person who says these words eliminates one Hamas terrorist.

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