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Q&A: Woman Convert?

Q: I have always been interested in Judaism and I yearn to convert. But I am concerned that my conversion will be looked down upon because I am a woman.

A: It is unclear why you feel that your conversion would be looked down upon because you are a woman. On the contrary, the main converts in Jewish tradition were women: Ruth the Moabite, a convert, was the great grandmother of King David, and is known as the "Mother of the Kingship."  Na'amah the Amonite, also a convert to Judaism, was the most important wife of King David's son, King Solomon, and also the mother of the next king, Rechavam. Both of these women are the progenitors of the Messianic line, which is directly descended from the above kings. On Shavu’ot, the holiday of the giving of the Torah, the entire Jewish People are called converts. This is why we read the book of Ruth on Shavu’ot.


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