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Q&A: What parts of the Torah should Noahides study?

Q: What parts of the Torah should Noahides study?

A: The parts of the Torah appropriate for Noahides include the revealed parts of the Torah, which are the laws that apply to Noahides, all the stories in Genesis, as well as the books of Joshua and Judges, the hidden parts of the Torah, and meditation on G-d's Immanence and Divine Providence.

For study of the Tanya, it is advisable for you to study the section on G-d's continual recreation of the world in the Gate of Unification and Faith (Sha'ar Hayichud V'haemunah), the Igeret Hakodesh (Holy Letter) on charity, part 1 on joyousness in chapter 26 and the discussion on love and fear of G-d in chapters 41-50.


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