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Q&A: What is my Mission in Life?

Q: How can I know what my mission in life is? If I study a lot of Torah, will this give me more insight?

A: If a person tries to positively influence his surroundings and gets positive feedback, then he can know that he is on the right track. Together with this, a person always has to look for more and more ways that he can impact positively on his surroundings.
Happy is the person who merits to receive a blessing from a tzaddik as to the main direction of his mission in life!

The Torah becomes pertinent to each individual only when it is studied together with prayer to God, and the fulfillment of God's commandments – particularly the commandments of lovingkindness and charity to one's fellow man.

In the merit of these efforts, God enlightens the individual to know, specifically through the Torah that he studies daily, his own specific mission in the world.

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi taught that a Jew must "live with the times," which means to understand the connection between the weekly Torah portion read in synagogue to current events. This is also what we ask in our prayer to God to "give us our portion of the Torah -" our current mission in the world as understood through the Torah.


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