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Q&A: What is God Telling Me?

Q: Recently I have experienced a series of unpleasant events that have all happened with Divine Providence: Things breaking down, theft of valuables, and high fines. All told, the damages came to a very large sum of money. I know that God is speaking to me with all these trials, but I do not know what He is telling me. What positive things should I strive to strengthen at this time?

A: Regarding the verse in Hosea, “And they will seek Havayah their God and David their king,” the Ba’al Shem Tov explains that the kingdom of David that we should seek is the solid faith in Divine Providence – that everything that happens comes from the Good God for the good of the individual, and that the good that comes from God is eternal good.  We must contemplate deeply on Rabbi Akiva’s saying, “All that God the Merciful did, He did for good.” We must continue to focus on this expression of faith until it transforms into the saying of Rabbi Nachum Ish Gam Zu, “This is also for the best,” an expression of confidence that all will work out for the very best in terms that I can see and understand. The main thing is to “Serve God with joy, come before Him with singing.” Be joyous and full of song. (It is all vanity of vanities, there is nothing other than Him)!

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