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Q&A: The Number 27 and Conversion

Q: I am about to complete my conversion process. Throughout this process, the number 27 keeps coming up. I was wondering what significance (if any) this can have for me. Thank you.

A: The number 27 has many beautiful meanings. In fact, the Lubavitcher Rebbe had a special affinity toward the number 27, and to the 27th day of each month.

The Hebrew alphabet contains 22 letters in its male form. However, when the final letters, mem, nun, tzaddik, peh and kaf are taken into account, the alphabet contains 27 letters. This is the female form of the alphabet.

The number 27, "zach" in Hebrew, which means pure, also reminds us of the commandment to light candles, particularly Chanukah candles, with "shemen zayit zach," pure olive oil. This also corresponds to the soul of the soul of the Torah, which is the study of Chassidut. These two directives could be significant for you.

The word "zach" also refers to "purification of the vessels." This can signify the purification of the body by immersion in the mikvah upon your conversion, with God's help.

Meditate on the secret of "zechuchit", which is glass. The prophecy of Moses was through a "clear glass," referring to the higher level of his prophecy, as opposed to the other prophets who saw through an "unclear glass." Moses began many of his prophesies with "Zeh hadavar."  May you take upon yourself the Torah and commandments completely, with joy and happiness in your heart.


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