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Q&A: The Foot of Tarmudai and the Heel of Mashiach

Q: What is Tarmudai and how is it  connected to Chanukah?

A: In the laws of  Chanukah, the sages explain the halachic parameter for the time when it is permissible to light Chanukah candles as "until the foot is no longer in the marketplace" adding that the foot in question is the "foot of Tarmudai." This refers to a nation that maintains ultimate hatred of the kingdom of Israel. This is explained well in the Bible and commentaries according to the sages. In a certain respect, this is the most difficult of the impure husks.

In the teachings of Chabad, it is explained that Tarmud is a nation that represents the ultimate rebellion (Tarmud is a permutation of moredet, rebel) against the Kingdom of Heaven. Mashiach will come when the heel of Mashiach will do battle with the foot of Tarmudah until that evil (foot) will be eradicated.

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