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Q&A: Spiritual Advice for Corona

Many people have been asking Rabbi Ginsburgh what to do regarding the coronavirus pandemic. The following is the Rabbi’s response:

  1. During these days, everyone must do his or her utmost to spread the wisdom of the inner dimension of the Torah. This is a time of good-will, during which people are thirsty for words of Torah. Everyone must invest his creative energies in spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut. In this era of technology, there is much that can be done from home. At the Purim farbrengen this year, Rabbi Ginsburgh spoke at length about the coronavirus. This is a topic that interests many people and it can easily be shared.
  2. During a (more devastating) epidemic, the Mahari”l of Kapost wrote: “And the main thing is not to fear and not to be afraid at all…but instead, to pray for Divine compassion with joy!”
  3. The third Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Tzemach Tzedek, wrote that during an epidemic “It is worthy to increase the giving of charity.” It isP explained in Igeret Hakodesh that there is a great and wondrous advantage to giving charity multiple times…Thus it is worthy for everyone to give one coin per hour and prior to each time he or she prays, so that he will have given 18 (chai) coins each day. It is worthwhile to give charity every hour, and no less than 18 (chai) shekels –or your local currency – per day.
  4. The chapters of Psalms that it is recommended to recite daily during this epidemic: 1, 20, 23, 25, 51, 67, 118, 121, 130, 150.

 May God send a complete recovery to all the ill and from the great increase in spreading the wellsprings of Chassidut with joy, may we merit the immediate “redemption juxtaposed to the redemption” with the joy of the true and complete redemption.


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