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Q&A: Soul Suffering in Next World?

Q: My father recently passed away and I am terribly worried about his soul and that he may be suffering in the next world. Is there some way that I can help him? Can he see me?

A: The suffering of the soul after death is a stage of this world, and makes it possible for the soul to enter the World to Come. The cleansing of a soul's sins after death is so that the soul can ascend to its root and to the place befitting it in the Garden of Eden. In the Garden of Eden, all is light and simple purity. There is no remnant and no memory at all of the suffering and trials of this world, including the suffering of the soul after death. In the Garden of Eden, all is true, eternal good. Even the suffering of wicked souls is limited. After their souls have been cleansed of their sins, they too enter the Garden of Eden.

We are taught that deceased parents continually look over from above and participate in their children's life situations. They are happy when their children do good and good things happen to them. Therefore, try to do as much good as possible, and know that this is good for your father and that he supports you from his perspective in the World of Truth.

It is also important for you to know that after one's life in this world, the soul ascends to its root. It is not lost or wiped out, G-d forbid. The souls of the departed in the world of the souls also communicate with us, in this world, by thought. Nothing is ever lost. We must believe that all that G-d does is for our ultimate good, even if we cannot fathom this goodness from our perspective.

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