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Q&A: Should we Leave a Dangerous Area? Should we Leave Israel?

Q: We live in a neighborhood in Jerusalem that is not far from an Arab village. Due to the circumstances, we are apprehensive, as are many others. Our neighbors took their Rabbi’s advice and moved to Bnai Brak. We thought of doing the same. What is the Rabbi’s opinion?

A: I am not in favor of running away!


Q: After what happened on Simchat Torah, I feel that we cannot rely on the army or the government to safeguard our lives. We are thinking of moving to a different country, where we will feel safe. What does the Rav say?

A: The first thing that we have to remember in every situation is to make the utmost effort not to be afraid. (This is also a Chabad directive – not to enter a state of amazement from anything we see or learn). Second, even though people take their actions, and sometimes they may be perfidious – nonetheless it is God Who watches over us in every place. (And regarding what happened in the Diaspora in the last generation, “a sorrowful situation will not rise twice”).

I bless you to make the right decision. The main thing is not to think of the danger and flee. Instead, think about where you are most needed to fulfill your mission in this world – to spread the light of Chasidut and to bring many Jews closer to our Father in Heaven. If it is best for your mission to be in Israel, then remain here. If you think that your mission will be more successful from the Diaspora, then go there. Of course, if in the Diaspora, you must be sure that all the conditions that you need for your Jewish/chasidic household will be accessible. You must consider all these factors carefully, and not with a feeling of fear or pressure.

Remember that “emissaries for mitzvahs are not harmed,” and you are emissaries to bring light to the world.

May it all be successful, with serenity and strong health!

May you and the entire Nation of Israel have good news.

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