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Q&A: Pinkie to Point to Torah

Q: Why do we specifically raise our pinkie to point to the Torah when it is raised at the end of Torah reading in the synagogue?

A: There are different customs surrounding V'zot Hatorah. Each of the five fingers of the hand corresponds respectively to the first five attributes of the heart. The pinkie, the fifth finger of the hand, corresponds to the fifth characteristic of the soul, which is hod. (Yesod and malchut, the sixth and seventh attributes, are included in this case in the first five.)   Hod is the root of hoda'ah (acknowledgement). Raising the pinkie when the Torah is raised is the secret of acknowledging (hoda'ah) the infinity of the Torah, which is above and beyond our understanding. This concept can help us to understand why Lag Baomer corresponds to hod shebahod.

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