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Q&A: Noahide Marriage Ceremony

Q: I am a Noahide and have found the love of my life, who is also a Noahide. We would like to have a special and meaningful marriage ceremony. What does the Rabbi suggest?

A: In the marriage ceremony it is advisable to make a covenant of loyalty to one another, and also with God. The covenant with God should express the intention of the couple to keep the 7 Noahide mitzvot, and to help the Jewish people achieve their goal of bringing redemption to the entire world with the coming of Mashiach.

A marriage ceremony is certainly a holy event, and we actually learn from non-Jews that God forgives the couple all of their sins at this juncture.

A Jewish rabbi can be present at the wedding. He can explain all of the above and can make a blessing to God as well as bless the couple that they should merit to live a happy and fulfilling life together as they continue to grow close to God and His Torah.


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