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Q&A: Negative Name?

Q: I have the name of a negative character in the Bible. What does this mean about my mission in life? Do I have to change my name?

A: A person's name is not the only factor in determining his mission in life.

According to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, even if one is named the name of a wicked person, he needn't change his name, but rather sweeten it by finding positive concepts to which the name alludes.

The gematriya of a name is important. It is important to also take into account all five levels of tikun, tziruf, ma'amar, michlol and cheshbon.

The tikun, rectification, is the simple meaning of the name in Hebrew.

The tziruf is the permutations of the letters of the name and the meanings of these permutations.

The ma'amar is the abbreviations and acronyms implicit in the name.

The michlol is the idioms formed by the name.

The cheshbon, which is the numerical value of the name.

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