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Q&A: Mission in Life and Making a Living

Q: I was wondering if a person is supposed to figure out his specific rectification in this life. In addition to studying Torah, keeping mitzvot and getting closer to God – do we all have some specific mission we are supposed to figure out? I am wondering because I am having trouble making a living. Though I have a Master's degree, work experience, etc. I have been laid off twice due to companies' lack of profits. Am I supposed to give more charity, or make sure I am in a profession that helps people? Or is it just my pre-determined path in life?

A: Every person has a mission to accomplish in this world. In general, this mission is to spread Torah and Chassidut in one's surroundings. In our generation, one should attempt to find a source of income that is compatible with, or even the same as this mission of spreading Torah. Increase your Torah learning and charity giving, while trying to create a suitable vessel for God’s blessing.

An important lesson that we learn from Pesach Sheni is never to despair. We must always strive to create a vessel and to believe that the blessing for success is only from God, and to serve Him with joy and gratitude.

May we hear good news from you soon!


Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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