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Q&A: Miscarriage

Q: We recently suffered a miscarriage and would like to ask if the miscarried fetus has a portion in the World to Come. Will he arise in his body at the resurrection of the dead? What good comes out of a miscarriage?

A: Mashiach is called “Bar Nafla,” ‘the fallen,’ ( and we must always pray that he will resurrect soon). Every miscarried baby has a special connection to the soul of Mashiach. Miscarried babies do have a part in the World to Come. There are souls that need a certain rectification, and the months of pregnancy suffice for them. In this case, the parents merit to do the soul of this baby a great kindness by bringing him into the world, albeit for just a short amount of time.

As all souls, particularly in a case like this, go through many incarnations, there is no reason to probe in what body the soul will resurrect. We do believe, as above, that this was a great rectification for that soul and that surely this hastens the coming of the Redeemer, which depends upon all the souls of Israel.

May God comfort you with true comfort and from now on may only good and lovingkindness find you throughout your days, in good that can be seen and is apparent to human eyes.

Photo by Aliyah Jamous on Unsplash


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