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Q&A: Is my Soul Half and Half?

Q: My mother is Jewish, but my father is not. Is my soul half and half? Does God love me as He loves a Jew with two Jewish parents?

A: The body of a Jew is specifically from his mother. This body draws a Jewish soul into itself by default. If both the father and mother are Jewish, then the Jewish soul descends into the body naturally. The Jewish soul of a child born to a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father is actually a "miracle, albeit by default. The spiritual work of such a child is to achieve the internal awareness of a constant miracle that becomes natural. This is a very high level – a truly Messianic awareness. This child can most definitely achieve true greatness, as even a person born of two non-Jewish parents who sincerely converts to Judaism can achieve true greatness. He is loved by God as any other Jew!

Photo by Dean Hayton on Unsplash

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