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Q&A: Inner Meaning of 12

Q: What is the inner meaning of the number 12?

A: 12 is the number of the Tribes of Israel. This is the connection to the Jewish people, through the 12 channels and senses of the Jewish soul.

12 is also the numerical value of the Hebrew word "zeh," 'this,' which represents the prophecy of Moses. The numerical value of Moses is 345, and the numerical value of "binah," understanding, is 67.  Moses (345) prophesied with "zeh," (12) and merited understanding (67). We thus have included all the numbers from 1 to 7 in connection with the prophetic powers of Moses. In addition, the numerical value of Moses in the reduced value system of gematriah is 12, which again, equals "zeh." From this study we learn that one must connect his soul to the Moses of his generation, and through him to all of Israel. Through the bond to the vast array of the souls of Israel one can connect his soul to the God of Israel.

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