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Q&A: Increasing Cashflow

Q: How can I increase the cash flow in my business?

A: First, you should study the booklet, "The Dynamic Corporation," with emphasis on the subject of cash flow.

In the booklet, it is explained that the three Hebrew names for money—mammon (מָמוֹן), kesef (כֶּסֶף), and damim (דָּמִים)—correspond to the three principles of proper management: involvement, quality, and flow.

The key point is that the proper cash flow is the “blood” of the entire business. From this we learn what needs to be strengthened when we want to strengthen the flow of blood or cash through the system:

Firstly, in prayer. The Sages say that a person needs "to pray for his blood"—this is the term for every prayer, and from this we learn that strengthening prayer (from being diligent about daily prayers, to strengthening prayer with intention) benefits the blood/cash flow.

Secondly, by freeing our mind from fantasies and flights of fancy. The Hebrew word for “blood” (דָּם) is related to “imagination” or “fantasy” (דִּמְיוֹן). In fact, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov refers to the evil inclination as “the power of imagination” (כֹּחַ הַמְדַמֶּה). We tend to bask in our fantasies, beginning with the fantasy that feeding our cravings will fulfill our needs and bring us happiness and calm and continuing with fantasies related to our service of God—particularly when all sorts of “visions” and temptations to follow “charlatans” replace the straight path we should follow to make vigorous progress in sincere and earnest service of God. Rectifying our power of imagination, by ensuring that it be stimulated and awakened only when under the rule of the intellect and guidance of trustworthy men of Torah, is a segulah for reliable cash flow, void of 'leakage' to wrong directions.

Thirdly, through compassion and acts of kindness. The Hebrew word for “blood” is also related to the word for “emulation” (הִתְדַּמּוּת) which is a positive form of imagination—striving to be like someone else, to emulate them. We are commanded to emulate God in all His merciful attributes, "Just as He is compassionate, so you should be compassionate," and to engage like Him in benefiting and showing kindness to all. Good emulation is also a segulah for strengthening cash flows.

Now, the sum of the three words for money in Hebrew—mammonkesefdamim (מָמוֹן כֶּסֶף דָּמִים)—is numerically equivalent to the value of the word “oil” (שֶׁמֶן) in Hebrew. Oil is a used to refer to the Torah’s inner essence and thus the entire business needs to be regularly “oiled” with the study of the secrets of the Torah. In the Zohar, it is noted that oil flows unobserved or with modesty. To ensure that everything flows as it should, one must act modestly ("Let not the one who puts on his armor boast like the one who takes it off") and speak quietly ("The words of the wise are heard when they are softspoken") which influences the environment in the best way.

Moreover, the value of the middle letters of mammon-kesef-damim (מָמוֹן כֶּסֶף דָּמִים) is “Joseph” (יוֹסֵף) [and the remaining letters equal another “Joseph”-and-a-half, or 234). Joseph was the one who collected all the money and managed Egypt's economy (and the entire world). You should connect with the figure of Joseph the tzaddik, who is called "a successful man," and identify with his persona.


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