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Q&A: House of Prayer for Noahides and the Temple Connection

Q: Where can Noahides hold prayer sessions?

A: A non-Jew should pray only in a place where Hashem the God of Israel is worshipped: A synagogue, or a special place of worship for Noahides. It is permissible for Righteous Gentiles (Noahides) to have a house of prayer. However, the Holy Jewish Temple in Jerusalem is particularly relevant to them, as the prophet Isaiah prophesied "For My house will be a house of prayer for all the nations." In the meantime, Noahides do not have a specific house of prayer. Jews, on the other hand, pray in synagogues, which evoke a hint of the Holy Temple. However, it is forbidden for the Jews to content themselves with this situation.  Righteous Gentiles, after they have achieved the proper consciousness, must mobilize the Jewish people toward redemption and the building of the Holy Temple so that the Righteous Gentiles may have a true house of prayer.


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