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Q&A: Hostility to Israel

Q: Why are so many nations hostile to Israel? And why are there even some Jews hostile to Israel?

A: Unfortunately, at present, the general position of the world and its religions is opposed and hostile to Israel and its purpose, which is to reveal the true Oneness of God in the world. This requires the nullification of the consciousness of the world as separate from the Oneness of God. The consciousness of separation nourishes the cravings of people for things that are not Godly. Because of this, there are also Jews, who due to their submersion in the cravings of our world, do not recognize the truth of their own faith, the true faith. They do not understand their responsibility to work selflessly to realize the prophecies of all the prophets of Israel, to live a life of wholeness with the Torah, People, and Land of Israel, and thus to shine God's light to all the world.

Continue to pray for Israel, and God will bless you!

Image: מאת יואב קרן, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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