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Q&A: Holistic Healing and Foreign Influence

Q: I am planning to found a holistic healing center here in Israel, based on Torah healing methods. Can the Rabbi give me some general guidance? Which methods should and should not be included in our program?

A: Our generation is certainly seeking a holistic center where the wisdom of the Torah can be applied to heal and to enhance health and happiness. When attempting to build such a center, it is of utmost importance to adhere strictly to the guidance of the Torah, and to be sure that no foreign influences have filtered into the methods being taught. Many Jewish people have unwittingly adopted foreign methods of healing, making cosmetic changes to fit them into a halachic framework. These changes are not enough to negate the foreign influence of the methods. Although it may seem that these methods heal, their benefit is strictly superficial. Foreign methods cannot heal a Jewish soul, and may even cause damage to the Jewish soul on a deeper level.


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