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Q&A: Emotional Distance from Mother

Q: I would love to be closer with my mother, but try as I might, I feel a certain distance from her. The memories of my turbulent teen years are difficult for me to overcome.  How can I work this out?

A: The fact that you feel a psychological block in a certain area is a sure sign that this is a true rectification for you. We must strive for expanded consciousness, a state in which we overcome the impressions of our past. A person who is still ensnared in psychological impressions is in a state of contracted consciousness. To achieve expanded consciousness, a person must be focused not on himself, but rather, on God.
Thus, a sincere expansion of consciousness, according to Chassidut, is the process by which a human being becomes more and more devoted (both mentally and emotionally) to reflecting God in his own life, in thought, speech, and deeds.

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