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Q&A: Don't Blame Others

Q: How do we repent for the Sin of the Tree of Knowledge?

A: Adam blamed Eve for the sin, as is written in the Torah. Rashi explains that by blaming Eve, Adam was being ungrateful to God, Who gave him his wife. To recognize this fact is part of the repentance for the sin of Adam. One must feel mercy for Eve, who was seduced by the snake to eat the fruit. The snake represents Amalek. All of one's "anger" should be directed toward Amalek, as is written in the Torah, "Remember what Amalek did to you….do not forget."

We must feel mercy for the person seduced by the snake (Eve), or for the person who was seduced by the person seduced by the snake (Adam). Every person should take responsibility, blame only himself, and not point fingers at others.



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