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Q&A: Diabetes Rectification?

Q: I have been suffering with diabetes for some time. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the spiritual aspect of this “sweet disease” and what God may be trying to tell me. I’d appreciate any advice in this direction.

A: Diabetes is the rectification of various physical drives. This disease can be divided into juvenile diabetes and adult diabetes. Juvenile diabetes is the rectification for a previous incarnation, as well as the period of pregnancy and nursing in the present incarnation. Adult diabetes is mainly a rectification for a person's present incarnation.

Please keep in mind that all the above is very individual. What is considered excess in physical drives in one person may not be so for the next. Thus, one should never judge a diabetic (or any other ill person, for that matter) based on the inner meaning of their illness. Each person must strive to know to what extent he must rectify himself in the areas to which his illness points and this is a personal matter! The extent to which a person cooperates with his rectification is the extent to which he will receive help and healing from Above.

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