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Q&A: Criticism for Deceased

Q: Is it permissible to express criticism for a deceased person whose actions caused damage to the public when he was alive?

A: We have no interest in judging people. When a person who is alive acts negatively, we must unequivocally oppose his actions, while feeling mercy for him and hoping to arouse in him a desire to mend his ways. After he has passed on, all that is left are the compassion and the desire to rectify him and help his soul to ascend. (Sometimes, we can even learn from his positive aspects).

Of course, if this person’s actions continue to have a negative impact on the living (in which case, he is really an object for great compassion as now, he would certainly wish to rectify the situation, but is unable to do so) we must act to limit the negative influence and results of his actions with determination and focus.


By Natan Flayer – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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