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Q&A: Condolence Letter to Parents on the Untimely Passing of their Daughter

Following such a terrible tragedy we stand in wonderment – God’s ways are wondrous and we cannot understand. We must believe, as our master the Ba’al Shem Tov taught in these cases, that every soul has its allotted time here in this world, and surely your daughter had completed her rectification in this world.

On the day that a person passes away, all his merits come together – all of her goodness and her deeds in this world, as well as the devotion of the parents who raised her to a life of Torah and mitzvot and guided her throughout her life. As is explained in the Tanya (chapter 25), every good thing is eternal and it grows and bears fruit. The great merit made up of all these merits will continue onward, accompanying the family. It will bear fruit and every good deed performed in her memory and for her soul-ascent will be added to it.

I pray and bless you that God will give you – and us –your entire family, friends, and students – the strength to go on, to continue to perform your good deeds, to teach Torah, and to bring hearts back to their Father in Heaven.

May God comfort you among all the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and may only good and loving kindness pursue you from now on, for all your days.

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