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Q&A: Comfort After Death of Baby

Rabbi Ginsburgh’s words of comfort: May you be comforted from Heaven. Your baby was a precious soul that descended to this world to complete, in a short period of time, a rectification for a previous incarnation (as we know from the stories of the Ba’al Shem Tov) and you had the merit of helping with the rectification. Now she is in the Garden of Eden, which is all light and good and she is also awakening great compassion on your entire family and the entire Nation of Israel.

Second Question: I feel a need to remember this baby, and fear that when I return to routine I will forget her. So I am not able to return to routine and I don’t really want to, either. Please give me some guidance.

Rabbi Ginsburgh’s answer: A Jew knows how to bear paradox, including the paradox of conflicting emotions, as it says in the Zohar, “Crying on one side of the heart and joy on the other side of the heart.” True, the crying is in a deeper place in the soul than the joy. The Hebrew word for ‘crying,’ bechiyah shares its numerical value with yechidah, the highest level of the soul, while the Hebrew word for ‘joy,’ chedvah, shares its numerical value with chayah, the fourth of the five levels of the soul. God cries in mistarim, in His secret, inner chambers, while in His outer chambers there is “vigor and exquisite joy in His place.” In this manner, the crying for the baby, may she rest in peace, should be completely in the inner chambers, in the secret place that is within you – the same hidden place, not completely in your consciousness about which it is said that “Secrets of the Torah are only given to those whose hearts are worried inside them.”

The phrase in Proverbs "דאגה בלב איש" (“Worry in a person’s heart”) equals Mashiach. This is the worry and concern over why Mashiach has not yet come.

The tears in your secret chambers are discerned and verified specifically by your joy in your outer chambers, “vigor and exquisite joy in His place.” The joy we are referring to is the joy of your continued mission in this world, which is to bring the Mashiach. The word Mashiach itself is a permutation of yismach and yesameach, (he will be happy and make others happy). To accomplish this, you must be truly happy, “Serve God with joy.”

Wishing you a good month of comfort and salvation.

Photo by Marc Wieland on Unsplash

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