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Q&A: Anger Advice

Q: I have dealt with anger all my life and am concerned about what "sparks" (if that is the correct word) I am throwing here in my life.   I am most disheartened at this point in time. Any help would be appreciated.

A: In order to help you overcome your anger, it is advisable for you to give to charity -151 in your local denomination – every time that you become angry. 151 is the numerical value of ka'as, which means 'anger,' plus 1. This is the secret of God's Name K-N-A, which, according to Kabbalah refers to the Divine power to overcome anger. This will help you to rectify your anger, which will then turn to joy in God. It is also important for you to make a set time every day or night to learn Torah. This will help you to relax your soul.



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