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Q&A: Aliyah to Torah Meaning

Q: I have read that when a person is called up to read the Torah,  he should closely look at the verses, because there will be a message from God and guidance. I have recently been called up to the Torah three different times. I have read through the verses but I am not sure how to apply them as a lesson for my life.

A: It is unnecessary to delve too deeply into the Torah reading that one gets. One of the most important foundations of Judaism is "Tamim tihyeh im Hashem Elokecha," to walk in simplicity with Hashem and not to ponder too deeply over the different signs of Divine Providence. This simple sincerity with God should be accompanied by great joy in the fact that you have been called up to the Torah. If, in your verses, a particular concept or verse seems applicable according to your own understanding, that is fine. However, if you find nothing that seems to particularly apply to you, there is no reason to delve further into the issue.

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