Love the Creative Power of the Soul

Love the Creative Power of the Soul: Chapter 4: Abraham, Faith, and Love

he three stages of creative flow depicted by the chart above are best represented in the lives of Abraham and Moses. The entire life of Abraham is highlighted by two basic qualities–faith and love. His "discovery" of the one G-d through deductive logic led to an even higher level of perception, that of pure faith. Inasmuch as "the deeds of the fathers are a sign to the children," the ten archetypal tests of Abraham paved the way for every Jew, in all subsequent generations, to reveal the hidden depths of faith engraved in the root of every Jewish soul, as well as the strength and fortitude necessary to translate this potential faith into the practical means to overcome all of life's trials and tribulations (Rashi andRamban on Avot 5:4). For this reason, the Jewish People are called "believers, who are the children of believers."

After years of childlessness, Abraham queries G-d as to who will carry on the faith. G-d then reveals to him that He will take Abraham outside and above the natural laws of nature which were preventing him and Sarah from conceiving a child. The power of pure faith exhibited by Abraham throughout his life allowed him to bear children even when, according to nature, he was not so destined.

This leap of faith can be reproduced and directed as well by every Jew, continually realizing and actualizing his hidden potential. This is alluded to in the Song of Songs: "Come with me from Lebanon, my bride… look from the top ofAmana from the top of Senir and Hermon… (Song of Songs 4:8)" According to the Midrash, the mountain peak, or top of Amana, is Abraham, and translates as "the head, or ?primary,' believer. This verse beautifully connects the "peak of the mountain" with the "peak of the crown," the abode of faith.

The faith of Abraham and his unlimited quality of love enabled him to reveal not only his true "something" to the world but the true "something" of G-d within the world as well.

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