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Basic Kabbalistic Flow Chart

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Basic Kabbalistic Flow Chart
The Inner Experience of the Divine
Emanations as they Manifest Themselves
in the Service of God

keter -crownemunah - faith
ta'anug - pleasure
ratzon - will
binah – understandingsimchah – joychochmah – wisdombitul – selflessness
da'at – knowledgeyichud – union
gevurah – mightyirah – awechesed – lovingkindnessahavah – love
tiferet – beautyrachamim – mercy
hod – thanksgivingtemimut – sincerity          netzach – victorybitachon – confidence
yesod – foundationemet – truth
malchut – kingdomshiflut – humility

See: The Ten Sefirot for an explanation of this chart

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