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Numbers 4:21-7:89

Teshuvah, confession, and community

Teshuvah — returning to God — gives us a chance to fix everything we have done wrong. But, the wording chosen by the Torah to describe the mitzvah of teshuvah is surprising, it focuses on confession. Why is confessing one's transgressions the most important aspect of teshuvah and how does this relate with our standing in the community? The answers in this video lecture.

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Audio Class: The Flow of Paradox

There is a golden thread that runs through every Torah portion, weaving its seemingly unrelated sections into one multihued tapestry. In this audio meditation on the Torah portion of Naso, Rabbi Ginsburgh interlaces the many strands of the Hebrew word naso, weaving them into a flowing explanation of our own ability to create a holy and profound ability to sustain paradox.

Naso: The Lengthiest Parshah

Parshat Naso is the longest parshah in the Torah. It has 176 verses. 176 is a very special number related to the very purpose of creation–knowing God's essential Name, Havayah.

On folly and straying

In Parashat Naso, the parashah of sotah (the unfaithful wife) begins with the words, “Any man whose wife strays.” The verb “stray” (תִּשְׂטֶה) is the key word in this passage and via it we can understand the nature of this sin and the way to rectify it.

Blessing the Jewish Nation

One of the central points in the Torah portion of Naso is the Priestly Blessing, “God shall bless you and keep you. God shall shine His countenance towards you and grace you. God shall raise His countenance towards you and grant you peace.” The verse that follows these three verses is, “And they shall place My Name upon the Children of Israel and I will bless them.” Rashi explains that the meaning of this additional verse is, “I will bless them – i.e. the nation of Israel—and I will consent with the kohanim (priests).


Shavu’ot, Priestly Blessing, and Carrying Opposites (7 Sivan 5772)

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