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Torah As A City of Refuge

Spiritually, the ultimate city of refuge is the Torah, as God commanded Joshua, “and you shall study it day and night.” When we run to the Torah, (to run in Hebrew is ratz, cognate to the word for “will,” ratzon. When a person runs toward something, he is activating very strong will) we express a strong will to immerse completely in its depths, taking refuge in its rectifying words.

The Mysterious Road Sign to Messianic Consciousness

Before the Jewish People enter the Land of Israel, God commands Moses to designate six cities of refuge. The Torah laws of the cities of refuge are unique. If a person has accidentally killed another, he may flee to one of these cities, three on each side of the Jordan River. As long as he is within the boundaries of the city, no relatives of the deceased are allowed to harm him. If he wants to be safe, the perpetrator of this unintentional crime must remain in the city of refuge, not leaving its confines until the death of the High Priest.

The Land is Mine

There are three reasons why we should hold on to the land and not give even one millimeter of it to others. These three reasons similarly correspond to the three ways the land was divided when the Jewish people first crossed its borders.

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