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The Spies' Psychology

Following Korach's dispute against the role of Aaron as High Priest, God reendorses Aaron and his son's roles as priests and the role of the Levites in serving God. From the priests we learn how to address the Almighty as "You," and from the Levites, how to address Him, as "He." These two types of relationship together compound to reveal Havayah, God's essential Name, as our life-force.

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Audio and Video Class: Korach Accuses Moshe of Adultery

The sages reveal that Korach and his group accussed Moshe of adultery, a strange and clearly unbelievable accusation. In this class taught in 5766 in Mezhibuzh, Harav Ginsburgh explains the meaning of the accusation and its relevance for us today.

Audio Class: The Secret of Aaron's Staff

In order to quiet the discontent after Korach's challenge to Moshe and Aaron's leaderhsip, God instructed Moshe to take staffs representing each of the 12 tribes together with Aaron's staff and place them in the Holy of Holies. Aaron's staff miraculously blossomed and bore fruit. What is the hidden significance of this miracle and why did God choose it to illustrate His choice of Aaron for the High Priest?

Breaking Equal Rights

Korach’s claim was that “The entire congregation are all holy” but why isn’t this claim considered just?” Korach claimed that since they all had the exact same measure of holiness, so, they were all completely equal. In which case, there was no place to choose and prefer Aaron above anyone else from the community, “So why should you raise yourselves above God’s congregation?”

From Essence to Actualization: The Secret of the Staff of Aaron

In the Torah portion of Korach, we learn of Korach’s challenge to the leadership of Moses and Aaron. Korach was a great person and a high soul. As such, he misled himself and others with the claim that he should be the High Priest instead of Aaron. God used the symbolism of Aaron’s staff to prove that Aaron alone was chosen for the position of eternal priesthood.

The Budding Redemption

Korach began a rebellion against Moses’ and Aharon’s leadership. He succeeded in recruiting to his ranks hundreds of men who joined him in his claim that since all Jewish people are holy it was unfair that Moses and Aharon should sanction the leadership for themselves.

Video: Parashat Korach: Seeing and Hearing our Life-Force


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