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Audio and Video Class: The Paradox of the Red Heifer


The Red Heifer is considered the most profound paradox in the entire Torah, for it purifies the profance and profanes the pure. Even King Solomon, the wisest of all man could not fathom it. The Ba'al Shem Tov revealed that the secret of the Red Heifer's paradox can be likened to the effect of pride. An eighth of an eighth of a measure of pride is needed in order to motivate a truly humble person to act. Yet, at the same time any measure of pride is forbidden for an individual that is already motivated to act. It was this secret that was partially known to Korach and motivated him to debunk Moshe Rabbeinu's leadership. Click here to watch a 20 minute video preview of this powerful lecture given in Mezhibuzh and/or to purchase an audio recording.


Audio Class: Why Is there Death in the World?


The Red Heifer purifies us of the impurity left when we come in contact with death. Conceputally its ashes and their purifying effect represent a prelude to God removing death altogether from the world. In this audio lecture, Harav Ginsburgh explains the relationship between the Red Heifer and three archetypal figures who represent the end of death.

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