Behaalotcha בהעלותך

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Beha'alotcha: Resources For Parshat Beha'alotcha

Audio Class: Lighting the Candle of Love

The soul of man is likened to a candle, whose flame is always reaching up in love toward God. This article and audio meditation explore the components of the flame, describing how we can awaken the flame of love for God in our souls, and kindle this love in the souls of others.

Look into the mirror

“Miriam and Aharon spoke about Moses…” Miriam the Prophetess and Aharon the High Priest criticized their younger brother, Moses, for separating from his wife (as the sages explain) and immediately God revealed Himself to them and informed them of the essential difference between Moses’ prophecy and that of all other prophets.


Miriam, Aharon, and Moshe’s Wife Tziporah (14 Sivan 5773)


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