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Numbers 1 – 4:20


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Each of us has a unique path to follow in serving God, only that path will bring us closer to the Almighty. But, what can happen if we seek someone else's way? What happened to the three converts who wanted to join Judaism with conditions? Did the one who wanted to become the High Priest get his wish? How do we know the order of the Hebrew alphabet?


Added: 18 Iyar 5771 | 22 May 2011

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Audio Lecture: Giving Birth to Ourselves and to Others



The Silent Desert: The Making of Leadership

Conceptually, the desert represents the mental space wherein the spark of leadership, dormant within each individual, has the opportunity, like a desert plant, to grow despite the forbidding environment. The desert provides a natural atmosphere of separation and isolation. It provides space for contemplation and meditation, the silence needed before the leader is revealed—first to himself and God—and only later to his people.


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