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The sin offering

When a person sins inadvertantly, he is required to bring a sin offering (korban chatat) to atone for his sin. In parshat Vaykra we learn that the laws of the sin offering are different depending on who sinned. Four different personas and their sin offerings are described: the High Priest, the Sanhedrin (Supreme Court), the king, and a regular person. From the introduction to this section in the parsha we learn that each of these personas exists in each of our souls. Rabbi Ginsburgh teaches us the significance of each of these four personas in ourselves today and how they contribute to rectifying our transgressions.

Added: 3 Second Adar 5771 | 9 Mar 2011

Vayikra: The book of calling

The previous book, Shemot, culminated with the completion of the construction of the Tabernacle. Vayikra opens with the basic service of the Tabernacle–the offering of sacrifices to God. Before enumerating the laws pertaining to the sacrifices, God calls upon Moses to enter into the Tabernacle. Our sages explain that due to Moses' great humility and rectified nature, he would not enter unless specifically called. In the following meditation, we will contemplate on the nature of this call, and its connection to the service of sacrifices to God. Continue reading…


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