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Emor: Resources For Parshat Emor

Leviticus 21:1-24:23

Sanctifying God’s Name

In Parashat Emor we are commanded, “Do not desecrate My Holy Name, and I shall be sanctified within the Children of Israel.” These two mitzvot (commandments), desecrating God’s Name and sanctifying it, can be interpreted as very general principles that guide us to sanctify God’s Name in every action that we do and not to desecrate it. Nonetheless, the particular mitzvah of sanctifying God’s Name is specified regarding situations in which we are required to give up our lives in total self-sacrifice.

Audio Lecture: Do Our Hearts Have Room for God?

The Lights of Iyar

The commamndment to count the Omer appears in parshat Emor. From the 2nd day of Passover until Shavu'ot we count the 49 days of the Omer. This article explores three levels of light that are brought down by the act of counting the omer and the effect that each has in refining our character, particularly in refeence to the month of Iyar, when most of the counting of the Omer takes place.

The Inner Meaning of the Four Species

Parshat Emor contains the commandment to take the 4 species on Sukot.


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