Bereisheet בראשית

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Parshat Bereishit: Parshah Resources

The Creation of Time

The first verse of the Bible contains four nouns: "the beginning," "Elokim," "the heavens," and "the earth." The Chassidic masters gave different interpretations of the role that "the beginning," i.e., time played in creation. Coupled into the discussion on the nature of time and its role is a beautiful correspondence of these four primary nouns with the four types of ego-nullification discussed in Chassidut, the highest of which gives a person the ability to see the world from G-d's perspective. Read More…

The Primordial Drama of Our Souls

The story of Adam, Eve and the primordial snake sets the stage for all ensuing reality. These three characters, with their own levels of consciousness, also exist within our souls. In this audio meditation, Rabbi Ginsburgh explores the roles of Adam, Eve and the snake in our psyches. When we focus on the rectification of these levels of consciousness, we bring redemption to ourselves and to the entire world. Read More…

Connecting the Beginning with the End

The last three words of the Torah, when connected (like a ring) and added back to the first verse of the Torah, equal the first verse of the second account of creation

From Back-to-Back to Face-to-Face

Kabbalah teaches us that before God “sawed” Adam and Eve apart, Adam’s male side was back-to-back with his female side.

Psychologically speaking, this is also the level of consciousness that most marriages begin with; each spouse being unaware of the other’s needs, emotions, and expectations. Clearly, if we are looking to create truly meaningful relationships—beginning with our soul-mate—we must learn to communicate with others in a face-to-face manner.


Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev, Tzadikim, and Angels (26 Tishrei 5773)

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