Terumah תרומה

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Exodus 25:1-27:19

Experiencing miracles

In the desert Tabernacle (and later, in the Temple in Jerusalem) three levels of miracle occurred daily, representing the unification between the supernatural and the supernatural. The same unification occurs in our lives through the devoted study of Torah, prayer, and performance of mitzvot. Click here for the video and additional material.

Added: 28 Shevat 5771 | 2 Feb 2011

The Symmetry of the Cherubim

The Torah portion of Terumah discusses the details of the Sanctuary in which God dwells. The first vessel related to in detail in our portion is the Ark of the Covenant, above which are the two cherubim. While the Holy Ark contains the Torah–God's eternal wisdom–His voice and ongoing directives emanate from between the joined wingtips of the two cherubim, who symbolize the consummate love of delights between God and the people of Israel. Continue reading…

Contributing to the Tabernacle

At first sight it seems that the principle commandment is to construct the Tabernacle, while taking the donation is the relatively secondary issue. Yet, the order of the verses presents a different picture.


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