Shemot שמות

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Parshat Shemot: Parshah Resources

Forging and Identity in Egypt

The children of Israel had 4 special merits that retained their sense of Jewish identity throughout the Egyptian exile. Click here to read the full article.

Five Revelations of Light

The five revelations of light that Moses received in his vision correspond to five Divine revelations that became potently manifest in the secret of the burning bush. By meditating upon the five interpretations of the burning bush symbol we reveal how Moses incorporated five souls into his one soul in order to redeem the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.

Shemot: Anonymity and the redemption

One of the interesting things about Parashat Shemot, which literally means, “Names,” is that aside from the initial listing of all the names of Jacob and his sons who came to Egypt, there are no other explicit names mentioned in theParashah until Moses is given his name by Pharaoh’s daughter.


Maidservants Shifrah, Puah, and Raising Boys and Girls in Holiness (21 Tevet 5773)

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